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Holiday Special – Instead of a WAHM Wednesday, from now till December 15th we will be featuring a new mama every day! There will be lots of holiday shopping ideas!  Support other mammas and get quality hand-crafted items, win-win!

Today’s featured shop is Way Through the Wilderness Handwovens – By Candice in Utterson, Ontario. Continue reading to hear all about what she makes, where she ships to and find the links to her shop!

Interview with Candice from Way Through the Wilderness Handwovens


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Hello Candice! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your business?


I am a stay at home mom to one almost 3-year-old. I produce custom designed fabric on my old-fashioned pioneer woman type floor loom. The fabric is then tailored into accessories, baby wraps and home decor.


What made you decide to start a WAHM business?


Prayer. I had been praying for an opportunity so that I could be home and available to my child. I also became curious about handwoven wraps after seeing some on baby-wearing Facebook groups. Through these groups, I became so intrigued that, to be honest, I was laying awake at night thinking about it. It kept tickling and nagging at my brain so I had to give it a try. My husband has told me that we more often regret the things we don’t try; rather than the things we try and fail at. So I went ahead with an open mind ready to learn.


When did you start Way Through the Wilderness Handwovens?


I started weaving shortly after my son was born and officially opened up shop in October 2014.


Is there anything that makes your products unique/special?


One really unique aspect to my product is whether it is an accessory, fabric, or a baby wrap, each piece is custom-made to ever unique customer. I like to work really closely with my customers and make sure they get exactly what they want from the initial design phase all the way to the finished product.

I really love to work on pieces that tell a story and I always have the best customers that come up with amazing inspiration. All I do is put it together for them.


Is shipping available? 


I ship to Canada/US/International. I’ll ship anywhere that mail can go I mostly use Canada Post to ship unless someone asks for something else specifically.


Where can people buy your products?


I always have a few pieces in stock but because of the custom nature of my product it is best to send me a message so we can have a chance to talk about what you are looking for. You can message me directly through my Facebook page at

I can also be accessed from my website.

If you would like to see a gallery of some of my finished works most are on my Facebook page and also can be found on my Pinterest board.


What is something you love about this job?


So many things. I love that I get to make special pieces for people. These items mean so much to them. I love that I get to connect and work with others that I otherwise might not ever have an opportunity to meet. I love that I am always learning on the job. Weaving is such a simple yet intricate process and I am always striving to be better and better. Weaving is where knitting meets engineering and because of this it keeps me so intrigued. I love it when I randomly see pictures of my product online, something that was put together in my little workshop and is now being used on the other side of the globe. It is a very humbling feeling.

But mostly I love that by doing this I am home with my son. He loves being a part of it too and is often with me in my workshop. I can often find him snuggling with finished fabric if he is not trying to “help” me weave by sitting next to me on my bench making sure the shuttle goes exactly where it needs to go.


What are you future goals for Way Through the Wilderness Handwovens?


I want to keep growing and learning. 

Eventually, one of my big picture goals is to employ other moms that equally feel led to be at home. Being an online business means that there are many elements that need to be maintained like social media, marketing, finance, customer service just to name a few. These are all components that take time outside of actually weaving that I’d eventually love to propel towards the right people.


way-through-the-wilderness-handwovens-crunchy-canadian-mama-blog-ring-slingAren’t Candice’s creations stunning! I would love to wrap E up in this ring sling! #BuyQualityBuyWAHM

If you think these hand-woven creations are beautiful, leave Candice some love in the comments below!


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