Start Transitioning to a Plant-Based Diet – Before New Years!

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Have you ever thought you want to change your eating habits? Maybe even eat a plant-based diet?


I think I am ready to start. (It’s scary to “say” that out-loud.)

If you have ever had these thoughts, and want to follow someone else’s journey from start to finish, keep on readin’.


the start of my plant based diet vegan journey vegetarian crunchy canadian mama blog healthy eating healthy snacks steps to going vegan eating for health



Something has been on my mind a lot for the last several years. Food.

More specifically, healthy clean eating, plant-based, animal cruelty free diets, and the mental, emotional and physical benefits you can get from changing your diet.


Here is an honest confession – I eat like crap! I have had a few goes at cleaning up my diet in the past, but I always fall back into bad habits.

It’s not that I don’t know better. I really do. I have don a ton of research and have even personally witnessed miraculous health transformations due to diet change within my own family.

When my dad was given a very bleak cancer diagnosis, he dramatically changed his diet and has astounded his doctors with how well his body responded. (Please note: this is not meant as medical advice and I am in no means qualified how to tell people to treat their illnesses)

Yet, all that said, out of convenience, and more-so habit, I always revert back into eating poorly.

the not so healthy diet I currently eat but am starting my plant based diet today at the crunchy canadian mama

Looks good right? I eat way too many of these, and not near enough veggies!


The start of this blog has reignited my desire to eat a more clean and healthy diet. Jason recently called me out on having a “crunchy” blog while eating like I do. It is silly in that I worry about cleaners, fragrance, air fresheners, deodorants, and toothpaste while filling my body with tons of processed and unhealthy foods.


I recently watched a bunch of food documentaries on Netfllix (thanks for reminding me I suck) and decided to take the plunge again.I was going to wait till New Years – BUT, any change worth making, is worth making today!

the start of my plant-based diet vegan journey vegetarian crunchy canadian mama blog healthy eating healthy snacks steps to going vegan eating for health

Ok, Doesn’t this look yummy too??

To make this change stick for once and for all, I’ve decided that I need a plan. This plan needs to consist of:

  1. why I want to make a change
  2. steps on how I will work towards eating a healthier diet
  3. hurdles I may face and how to proactively reduce their impact
  4. goals and milestones I want to reach


As I put this all together, I am going to share the plan here with you and then update you all on my progress as I go. 


Follow my easy transition into a plant-based diet with Crunchy Canadian Mama

I will include everything from why I want to do it, specific challenges I expect to face while transitioning into a plant-based diet, goals and milestones to keep me motivated, step-by-step plant-based diet transitions, to meal planning/prepping tips and experiences, shopping lists and pantry stocking, recipes, nutritional information and much much more!

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My next installment is up! Continue following my journey and read all about  why I’ve decided to make this change:4 Powerful Reasons to Live a Plant-Based Lifestyle

39 thoughts on “Start Transitioning to a Plant-Based Diet – Before New Years!

  1. This is great timing! I’ve been eating so bad lately. I’m trying to keep myself motivated and to do better by eating more plant based and healthy foods. Thanks for the motivation.

    • No problem! I know the struggle! lol – sometimes I wish I didn’t know what I know so I could continue on guilt free haha – but my goal is to learn to love new delicious choices by trying lots of different dishes! 🙂

  2. I have slowly been transitioning over the past year. It’s been slow going and things I find to help
    – plant based cooking lessons
    – veggie delivery services – stops you from eating out and stuffs your fridge full of food and you have to eat it because otherwise it will go bad!
    My biggest thing is finding protein replacements.
    Angela Tolsma recently posted…Body Positivity TagMy Profile

  3. Congratulations on taking this step! I agree that if the change is worth doing, it’s worth doing now. I think it’s wonderful that you plan to document your journey online for others. Protein replacements are definitely something to figure out. I’ve been experimenting with Tera’s Whey protein drink — it’s pricey, but can be put into other things!

  4. I have several friends that are plant-based eaters, but I’ve never followed their journey like this. I’m so excited for you and I am looking forward to following along. This is awesome. <3 Journey well my friend.

  5. Jeanine says:

    This is something I really need to look into doing. After baby #7 I am so unhappy with my body and all that goes into it – I need a change asap!

    • It is tricky for sure! For me, trying new things and finding “New Favourites” is key! I get in such a rut of eating the same handful of items alllll the time! – Also the “add more” approach, where I just keep adding healthy items without making myself quit anything specifically. Eventually you crowd out the bad… I tell myself I can eat anything I want, AFTER I eat something healthy.

  6. I eat a mostly plant based diet and, let me tell you, I’ve noticed a significant increase in my energy from less processed sugar and less meat! If I can do it, you can. Nobody else in my household eats healthy and I am still able to do it because I’m determined to live a long, healthy life. Like you said so well, “any change worth making is worth making today.” Go or it!

  7. CJ says:

    I completely understand where you are coming from. This is a great post to get people on their way. I coach people on proper nutrition now and it’s completely changed my life and theirs too! <3

  8. Good for you! I was completely vegan for 4 years and it was the best thing I ever did. I learned so much about health, nutrition and what my body needs. It put me in the right direction and ignited a passion for healthy eating. I’m no longer vegan because it was no longer nourishing for me, although I still eat A LOT of plants.

    • Thank you! I agree completely with what you are saying! I think going completely vegan is great so you can learn and push yourself. Will I stay vegan forever? who knows! But, I will have learned a lot and I think I can honestly say I don’t see myself ever buying commercial animal products again. I am lucky enough to live in an area where there are small farmers whose chickens and dairy cows are practically pets – true free range and they live healthy happy lives. I would buy products from them 100 times over before buying at a store. For meat, I could go without easily. If I was to eat meat I prefer wild game or none at all.

  9. Good luck on your journey! I think that’s great that you’re planning on documenting and sharing your progress! I find doing such things really help motivate and keep me accountable of my goals! ^^

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