November 2016 Blog Stats and Income Report

November Blog Stats and Income Report - Crunchy Canadian Mama. First month blogging.

So! It’s a little late, but here I am with November’s blog stats and income report.  I’ve only just realized, today, that I wanted to do this monthly.

I decided that by sharing my blog stats and income reports right from the very beginning, rather than waiting till the blog was well established, will allow other new bloggers to see what a new blog looks like. It is meant to be encouraging and inspiring rather than comparing yourself to a well established brand and feeling overwhelmed.

Monthly reports will also give me the chance to reflect on what I accomplished and what I want to work on in the following month.

If you have a new blog, you can follow along and be inspired and learn from my mistakes (I am sure there will be lots of them).

I bought the domain and launched this blog on October 30th. So, November was my first month blogging.

I have never had a blog before or any background in a related industry. So if I can turn this into a success, anyone can! There is so much to learn! This first month of blogging has been a steep learning curve and is a bit of a blur caused by information overload. I am doing this all on my own and learning as I go! It is challenging but also exciting and makes me proud to see what I have already accomplished.

I feel for a first month, with absolutely no experience, that November was a great success. I know compared to an established site, my blog stats are unimpressive – but for a brand new blogger with a brand new blog, I am pretty proud!


November 2016 Blog income and stats report crunchy canadian mama. Traffic stats, blogging tips and tricks


So, here it is! My Blog Stats and Income Report for November 2016!


Wins for this month:


1) I surpassed 1,000 page views!

I don’t know how many views most blogs get in their first month but I feel that for a lifestyle blog that is just starting out, 1,000 page views in the first month is a win.

2) I set up a Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Bloglovin’, Stumble-upon, and Twitter account – And got followers!

Followers that weren’t personal friends or family. Real people! I am mainly focusing on Pinterest at this time, but put a smaller portion of time into all the social media platforms.

3) I learned a ton!

From SEO, to traffic strategies, to writing skills. I am learning more than I ever thought I would. And I am sure this is just the start!


November Blog Stats and Income Report - Crunchy Canadian Mama. First month blogging.


“Fails” for this month:

(I hate the word fail – but misses maybe)

1) I didn’t write and post as much content as I would like

If you are considering launching a blog and haven’t yet, I highly recommend writing your content ahead of time. A good amount of articles pre-written would have allowed me more time to learn and grow and still be putting out consistent content. Especially with a demanding life – it is hard to carve out time for everything.

This isn’t so much a fail. It just means it will take me longer to get where I want to be!

2) No income this month

I didn’t even try – so again, not really a fail. It was more important to me to have content and to establish a bit of a presence/rapport with readers before adding any affiliate links or advertising.

I also wanted to learn and understand what I needed to include as far as disclosure and privacy policies before monetizing my site to save any unnecessary issues down the road.

All that being said, Here are my stats for my first month blogging:


Blog Stats:

Page views: 1,237
Site Users: 790
Bounce Rate: 62.91%


Social Media Stats:

(Because I just decided today to post this, I did not take note of my numbers at the end of the month.)
As of today, they are currently:

Facebook: 104 followers
Pinterest: 146 followers
Instagram: 88 followers
Bloglovin’: 11 followers
Twitter: 55 followers


My December Goals:

I have many blogging goals for December.  It is going to be a crazy month!

    1. Write and post new content at least 3 times per week for a total of 12 posts in December
    2. Make my first $50 
    3. Increase my social media followings to:
      • Facebook: 125
      • Pinterest: 250
      • Instagram: 120
      • Bloglovin’: 25
      • Twitter: 100
    4. Post 1 guest post on another blog
    5. Create a media kit

It is going to be a busy month! I am also continuing on my plant-based lifestyle transition (you can read about that journey starting here). Add in Christmas, New Years and all the busyness those bring, and I may need to stock up on coffee  – and wine!

Thank you to all who have made this past month a success and I look forward to all the new people I will “meet” and connect with in December!


Blogging success with my mommy blog. Income report and blog stats for November 2016 at The Crunchy Canadian Mama


Thank you to all who have made this past month a success and I look forward to all the new people I will “meet” and connect with in December!


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