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Holiday Special – Instead of a WAHM Wednesday, from now till December 15th we will be featuring a new mama every day! There will be lots of holiday shopping ideas!  Support other mammas and get quality hand-crafted items, win-win!

Today’s featured shop is Mini Moose Diapers – By Liv on Vancouver Island.  Continue reading to hear all about what she makes, where she ships to and find the links to her shop!

Interview with Liv from Mini Moose Diapers


Mini Moose Diapers two in one cloth diapers organic bamboo diapers crunchy canadian mama wahm diaper  mini-moose-diapers-featured-wahm-crunchy-canadian-mama-3  mini-moose-diapers-featured-wahm-crunchy-canadian-mama-5


Hello Liv! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your business?


I started sewing to get some “me” time, as a mom of 2 little boys I needed something just for me. With both of them in diapers at the time, I decided to tackle sewing cloth diapers and fell in love with making them. Picking the different prints, matching just the right snap colours and the joy of a perfectly finished diaper sparked a fire in me. I started Mini Moose Diapers on Etsy and my business has just grown and grown since then. 


What made you decide to start a WAHM business?


I started sewing cloth diapers for my own baby and my friends loved them. Next thing I knew, I started getting orders from them and it took off from there! First, I began selling Mini Moose Diapers on Etsy and my business has just grown and grown since then. I love helping parent’s choose cloth for their babies so this has been a very satisfying career for me!


When did you start Mini Moose Diapers?


I started selling on Etsy in the summer of 2015.


Is there anything that makes your products unique/special?


I make all in two cloth diapers using organic bamboo velour. I offer custom prints and embroidery designs as well.


Is shipping available? 


I can ship to Canada and the U.S.


Where can people buy your products?


I have a website and also a Facebook Page where people can find my products.


What is something you love about this job?


I love helping families choose cloth for their babies. Cloth diapers are becoming more popular as time goes on and I am excited to be a part of that!


What are you future goals for this business?


I have big ones! You’ll have to stay tuned to see them in action.


 mini-moose-diapers-featured-wahm-crunchy-canadian-mama-4       mini-moose-diapers-featured-wahm-crunchy-canadian-mama       mini-moose-diapers-featured-wahm-crunchy-canadian-mama-6

Aren’t these the most adorable diapers EVER?      #buyallthediapers

If you think these would make some adorable fluffy bums, leave Liv some love in the comments below! 

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