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Holiday Special – Instead of a WAHM Wednesday, from now till December 15th we will be featuring a new mama every day! There will be lots of holiday shopping ideas!  Support other mammas and get quality hand-crafted items, win-win!

Today’s featured shop is Casey’s Keepsakes – By Casey in Fredericton,  NB.  Continue reading to hear all about what she makes, where she ships to and find the links to her shop!


Interview with Casey from Casey’s Keepsakes


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Hello Casey! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your business?


I’m a stay at home mom living in Fredericton, NB and I like to try my hand at different arts and crafts. I make special jewelry and Keepsakes using your own personal inclusions. Photos,  ashes & breast milk are some of the items I’ve used to make Keepsakes. I love that I am learning from and have a connection with each piece I make.


What made you decide to start a WAHM business?

I started this business by making a keepsake that I made for my sister-in-law to memorialize her beloved dog. I had also purchased breast milk jewelry for myself and had always wanted to try making it on my own, so I started researching and experimenting & I just do what worked and what looks pretty!


When did you start Casey’s Keepsakes?

September 2016!


Is there anything that makes your products unique/special?


I’m learning as I go along! I don’t claim to have all of the knowledge about making jewelry, I just love having fun while making your Keepsakes. I can make custom orders and include various things such as breast milk, photos, hair, flowers, ashes, etc.


Is shipping available? 


I have shipped within Canada and the U.S.


Where can people buy your products?


You can find and order products by messaging me at my Casey’s Keepsakes Facebook Page.  They can also check me out on Instagram.


What is something you love about this job?


I love being a crafty mama and I love providing people with very special keepsakes they can carry with them for a long time.


What are you future goals for this business?


To continue to learn, perfect my techniques & create a special keepsake for as many people as I can. ?



Isn’t this lovely? #buyme

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