My New Favourite Baby Oil! Abundance Naturally.

Abundance Naturally baby oil is my favourite oil 100% natural with no harsh or synthetic chemicals and leaves your skin feeling amazingly soft!


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Do you ever accidentally stumble across a new product, decide to try it out and then discover you LOVE it? That is exactly how I discovered my very favourite baby oil! 


Abundance Naturally baby oil is my favourite oil 100% natural with no harsh or synthetic chemicals and leaves your skin feeling amazingly soft!

How I Discovered Abundance Naturally Baby Oil

I was visiting my parents for Thanksgiving and stopped at their local Walmart to grab some snacks for the 7 hour drive home. While walking through the baby section, I happened to notice a bottle of Abundance Naturally Baby Oil on clearance. 

At first, I picked the bottle up skeptically because it said “100% Natural” on the label. I wanted to see the ingredients so that I could snob it and their marketing tactics of tricking people into thinking they were buying something healthy and natural that wasn’t. – I mean, come on… it was at Walmart on clearance for $4. How good could it be?

To my surprise this is what the ingredients list was: Sunflower seed oil, sweet almond oil, sweet cherry oil, lavender flower oil, chamomile flower oil and vitamin e oil.  That’s it!  All names you can pronounce, no chemicals and completely natural.

So I figured I would try it and grabbed the last two bottles on the shelf.

Abundance Naturally baby oil is my favourite oil 100% natural with no harsh or synthetic chemicals and leaves your skin feeling amazingly soft!

Why I Love This Baby Oil

I am so glad I did! This has very quickly become not only my favourite baby oil – but favourite body oil for myself and I even put it in my hair!

I don’t know about your baby, but E gets dry skin patches so easily! Especially in our cold Canadian winter weather. I try using no soap, bathing her less often, etc. I don’t like the idea of putting lotions that are full of synthetic ingredients and fragrances but nothing else I had tried worked very well. Until now!

This oil soaks in so quickly! You don’t get left feeling greasy, and leaves your skin (and hair) incredibly smooth and soft. E’s dry skin patches cleared up in just a few days! I use it multiple times a day (On E, on my skin, in my hair, as shaving “cream”)

Because I liked it so much, I decided to look up the company that makes it and see where I could order more before I run out. 

Once again, this was something I was so glad I did! As I started reading the Abundance Naturally website, I felt like I had just found a new best friend!

Abundance Naturally baby oil is my favourite oil 100% natural with no harsh or synthetic chemicals and leaves your skin feeling amazingly soft!

About Abundance Naturally

The Abundance Naturally “About” page reads: “Abundance Naturally is managed by moms who try to balance active lifestyle, healthy living, busy kids and a priority on family with building her business.” This is so in-line with everything that I want to use for myself and my family, to have my blog to centre around and they are providing all natural products! I immediately felt a click.

So, I continued to look through the website and discovered that it is also a Canadian company that offers a wide range of products for the entire family! Baby and kids products, as well as beauty products for women and products for men, health and wellness products. All created with natural products sourced from Canadian producers when possible.



This is what they had to say about their baby product line: “Our new Abundance Naturally Baby brand is locally made using soothing essential oils, nourishing plant botanicals and healing herbs to cleanse, heal and nurture baby’s new skin and pregnant and nursing moms without the use of any synthetic, petrochemical and harsh ingredients which penetrate the skin into the bloodstream.”

I went through many of their products, checking ingredient lists and they are all great! 

Abundance Naturally products have no petroleum based or synthetic products at all! I am so glad I found this company, and can’t wait to try some of their other products!

I’m Sold!

This is my favourite baby oil! 100% natural (for real), safe and soothing for your baby's skin.


I tried over and over to like using just plain coconut oil. And while it definitely has it’s place, I found it just didn’t cut it when it came to treating E’s dry skin. Coconut oil is very thin and just didn’t moisturize as well as the Abundance Naturally Baby Oil


On another note – my hair has never felt as nice as it does right now. I have been putting a bit of the oil in my hair about 30 minutes before showering and then wash it out like normal. I can’t stop touching my hair! It is so smooth, soft and the frizz is tamed right down!

If you are looking for a moisturizing oil with no nasty ingredients, I completely recommend this product! It is amazing! (It would also make an amazing baby shower gift!) and you can buy it HERE


44 thoughts on “My New Favourite Baby Oil! Abundance Naturally.

  1. CourtneyLynne says:

    Ooooo this sounds like one awesome baby oil!!! I’m all about anything natural when it comes to my daughter so I will have to check this out!

  2. This product sounds so wonderful. It really is great to have a product that is made and tested by the people who use it most. In this case, it would be mothers on their babies. Who would know better what works best for their babies?

  3. This might sound weird but I love that it doesn’t leave the greasy feel. I love oils that just soak right in after a shower. I’m addicted to coconut oil and use it a lot during the winter. So I definitely understand the winning on that side.

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