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This blog was launched in October 2016, as a support resource and community for Canadian moms who have an interest in a more “crunchy” approach to raising their tiny humans, lifestyle and health.

If you are sleep deprived, drowning in dirty diapers and mis-matched tiny socks, and your idea of a perfect getaway is escaping out from under a sleeping toddler – you’ll feel right at home here!


The posts you will find here are written to be informative, encouraging and sometimes funny. To support other moms is the main goal in every post. Topics range from attachment parenting, to breastfeeding, to healthy eating and recipes, to DIY and everything in-between.


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A Little About Me – The Crunchy Canadian Mama


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I’m Steph, a new blogger and a fairly new mama.
I am learning as I go and sharing these experiences and research with you

I was raised and live in a rural town in Northern Ontario – far enough North that many people don’t think we exist or at the least, that we live in igloos.  We exist – some of us still have vivid, not so distant, memories of party-lines and dial-up (some still have dial-up) but we are here!


I am the oldest girl of 9 children! My mom chose to homeschool us and I went right through grade 12 at home. My mom was crunchy before it had a label or was trendy. We had a huge garden to help feed all the hungry mouths.  Mom and dad grew our food, canned and froze produce, selectively vaccinated, mom had all natural births and probably more that I don’t remember.


At the time, I wasn’t aware – but my crunchy roots had already been planted.

Now, I’m a Mom!


Crunchy Canadian Mama, If I had to give you just one reason why I do everything, this photo sums it up
If I had to give just one reason – this photo sums it up. Our first kiss!

Becoming a mom was something I had looked forward to for years and years.  I longed for a baby and couldn’t wait for the first time I got to hold my own child.


Now, becoming a parent caused me to really amp up my crunch game.  I wanted my pregnancy, delivery and parenting style to be as natural as possible.  I chose to go with a midwife (I highly recommend midwifery care to anyone considering it), an un-medicated water birth, and no eye ointment when she was born.


Since E’s arrival, I have continued learning and experimenting with our own natural style of parenting.


 We co-sleep, plan on extended breastfeeding (13 months and counting – yay!), baby-wear, eat as clean as possible, cloth diaper, cloth wipes, hand-me down clothes, etc. The learning process is never ending and we continue to grow and adapt our personal style of raising E (and any future children).

She’s My “Why”




Before E was born, I was a documentary junkie who loved to question the norms that I operated under.  I enjoyed gathering information, sharing that information with others and discussing different view points.  


The arrival of E changed my perspective and commitment levels.  I now was responsible for this tiny, helpless and adorable baby girl.  I wanted to implement a lot more of what I already knew and continue to learn more. Learn more, do better – Right?


And so, I began analyzing the choices I was making, the products we were using, and challenges I faced.


I created this blog because: If I was interested in learning this information, someone else would be too.  

I want to be able to collect it all and share it with you – while supporting other moms in their journey to live a more crunchy or healthy lifestyle. 


That’s it, in a Nutshell.


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